You’re not just looking for a place to stay, you’re looking for an opportunity to create memories to last a lifetime. That’s why Daugherty Management watches every detail. So you don’t have to. We specialize in representing properties that give your family and friends the chance to relax together, to be pampered, to be at ease and focus on each other.

Since 2009, Kellee Daugherty has set the highest standard for professionalism and care of our guests, owners and homes. Each home is meticulously appointed and maintained, with 24/7 concierge availability. With Daugherty Management, you’ll have a trusted, caring and knowledgeable team who will make your vacation worry free and memory filled.


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Kellee has managed luxury properties since 2009 and (with husband Rob) built a custom waterfront vacation home. She was formerly a marketing and sales executive at Microsoft and a competitive collegiate golfer. Kellee currently oversees the management of $50 million in high end properties. For fun, Kellee likes to bike, ski, swim, read and enjoy time with family & friends.

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Rob Daugherty has over 30 years’ experience in real estate — as a developer, owner & manager of properties from vacation homes, office buildings and multi-family residences. Along with Kellee he oversees operations at Daugherty Management, with a focus on company growth and property acquisition. For fun, Rob loves to kibitz business, snow ski, play basketball and enjoy time with their 3 kids.

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Theresa DuPerault has lived and worked in Sandpoint for 31 years. Since 2003, she has focused on luxury and detailed home care and property management. Theresa loves to help people enjoy their vacation time here in Sandpoint — with an eye to personal care. When not working, Theresa loves camping, scrapbooking, spending time with her grandchildren and walking her dogs.

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Mike Roos brings a creative and entrepreneurial energy to his role as Property & Operations Manager. What he can't fix, he learns and is excellent at managing homes & businesses. Mike loves being on the lake with his family or hiking the mountains during his time off.

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Jesse is a longtime Sandpoint resident and has over 12 years in the Property Management industry. When not working, he loves technology, boating and playing with his young son.

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Riley is a golden doodle with responsibilities in security, playfulness and companionship. He imprinted on Kellee at 9 weeks of age and has since shadowed her every movement. Riley personally inspects the grounds of all Daugherty Management homes and makes sure there are no dead birds lying around. If there are, he eats them — and yes it’s gross.

Property Management, Housecleaning, Property Improvements, Home Care
A trusted, experienced and reliable source to help care for your home is hard to find.  We provide everything from house checks, cleaning, managing repairs & improvements, spring clean ups, fall ‘put everything away’, yard care, snow removal, HVAC services, pest care, windows, concierge services and more!  Our full-time, in house team is organized, friendly and makes caring for your home ‘hassle free’.  
  • House checks, alarm follow up, storm checks
  • Full service property management or choose a la carte services
  • Trusted, reliable, professional staff
  • Residential cleaning, including ‘deep cleans’ available
  • 24/7 service