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Weather In Sandpoint, Idaho


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The weather in Sandpoint, Idaho makes it the perfect lake vacation destination.  The summer months of June through August are warm with mostly blue skies and temperatures often over 83 degrees Fahrenheit.  While June sees an average of 8 days with rain, by August the average is only 3 days. That means a number of days can be spent out on the waters of Lake Pend Orielle, or hiking the trials that surround this picturesque town located in-between two frontalSailboat on Lake Pend Orielle ranges of the Rocky Mountains. 

Spring and Fall are the transition seasons, each with a number of festivals and activites that inspire people to come visit. As the snow melts in the springtime, Sandpoint comes alive during the months of March, April & May.  Temperatures are often in 40's (degrees Fahrenheit) in March and grow increasingly warmer ending in the lower 70's (degrees Fahrenheit) by the end of May.  Rainy days might be more common in the spring, but there are still a number of outdoor activites visitors can enjoy.

Fall in Sandpoint is breathtaking with colors! As the leaves begin to change, activities and attractions are not as crowded, but the temperatures are still in uppers 60's & 70's (degrees Fahrenheit) in the months of September & October, and fall to into the 40's by the end of November.  Spending your Fall holidays in Sandpoint can be refreshing.  You will enjoy enjoy many days of sunshine in the early part of the season, but by the end the winds and snow of winter can sometimes be seen. 

Winters in Sandpoint are great for quiet days inside enjoying a beverage by the fireplace,  Temperatures can be freezing a majority of the time in the months of December, January & February, but the beauty of the snow makes it worth the trip!  If you are a snow enthusiast, a visit during the winter months can be a dream.  With Schweitzer Mountain close by and a number of snowshoeing and cross country skiing trails to chose from, you will still be able to enjoy outdoor activities. There is even opportunities for ice fishing on the frozen lake, or snowmobiling down the quiet country roads. 

Weather On Schweitzer Mountain

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Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho is not just a ski destination! This destination offers a number of activities year round and the weather helps make that possible. Temperatures during the winter months are mostly in the lower 30's and 20's (degrees Fahrenheit) and there is 300 inches of snow on average each year.   We encourage you to take a look at the Conditions Report before you head out for winter acitvities.

View of Lake Pend Orielle from chairlift on Schweitzer MountainWinter, however is still a favorite season to visit the mountain as it is considered to be the premier ski destination for Spokane, Washington and the surrounding areas.  Perfectg for family ski vacations and located just 24 miles northwest of the village of Sandpoint, Idaho, the ski resort located on Schweizer offers a number of trails for skiing, tubing, snowbiking and much more. 

Summers on Schweitzer Mountain are also filled with a number of acitivites visitors to the area can enjoy. While the temperatures up on the moountain can be a bit coller than down in Sandpoint , they still average int he lowers80's (degrees Fahrenheit) most days during the months of June, July and August.  The resort offers scenic chairlift rides and a number of biking and hiking trails you can explore, along with adventures camps for kids.  Huckleberry picking is a favorite activity between mid - July and August.  The close proximity to the town of Sandpoint offers numerous options to fill your summer days on Schweitzer Mountain. 

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